Women Icons Award 2019

KUALA LUMPUR – Trine Sofie Tveen Nielsen, Co-Founder & Managing Director of LinkFacility Global Sdn Bhd, and Board Director for Malaysian Danish Business Council, was presented the 2019 Women Icons Malaysia award at the 2nd edition of the Women Icons Malaysia Summit & Awards at a glittering ceremony hosted in the city on March 28, 2019  by Business Excellence & Research Group Pte Ltd (BERG).

Women Icons aims to celebrate and acknowledge the accomplishments and contributions of women trailblazers like Trine Nielsen who have excelled in different spheres of life- taking on multiple roles in society or boardrooms that make a significant difference. Winners of the award came from a broad spectrum of areas such as Education, Banking & Finance, Healthcare and International Industry to name just a few.

Datuk Yvonne Chia, present Non-Executive Chairman, Standard Chartered Bank, Malaysia, and a trailblazer for women in banking was the Guest of Honour & Keynote Speaker on the occasion. Datuk Yvonne Chia was the first female CEO of any commercial bank in Malaysia and has served as the Group CEO of Hong Leong Banking Group and RHB Bank Berhad. She called upon women to seek what they want. “To be successful you need to be smart and not just clever,” she said.

Trine Nielsen, Managing Partner & Director, LinkFacility Global Sdn Bhd said: “The Women Icons Awards is a catalyst for rapid change in societal mindsets to bring about gender parity and inclusiveness in the work and social environment. I strongly believe that recognition is a strong motivation. Especially when awarding cross culture and position in society. Women in Malaysia are more motivated if they can compare themselves in the award winners. Malaysia is a colourful country in so many ways – including culture.

Malaysia is the country in the world with most working women. But it’s not about working or not. It’s how you work!! Believing in your own value and allowing yourself to believe you deserve success! Women I’ve met in Malaysia cross culture, generations and age – they’re skilled, tuff and resilient. And they should believe in that and go out there and claim the success they deserves!

The Women Icons Summit 

The Women Icons Summit is a thought leadership, networking and recognition platform that celebrates and honors the accomplishments & contributions of women who have excelled in different spheres of life. It is important that success stories of Women Icons should be publicly recognised, so that such women not only become role models for future generations but also help change societal mind-sets. Aside to recognizing women achievers resident in Malaysia, it aims to engage people, organisations, and governments in the celebration of women’s accomplishments. 

About Trine Nielsen

Trine Sofie Tveen NielsenCo-Founder, Managing Director Communication, LinkFacilityBoard Director, Malaysian Danish Business CouncilMalaysia Women Icon 2019

Trail Blazer article: https://www.asiabiztoday.com/2019/01/24/leading-limitless-life-charting-new-territory/

A brand consultant and marketing strategist by profession, in 2008 Trine founded Boosting Business, a successful brand bureau in Denmark prior to moving to Qatar, where she co-founded LinkFacility in 2016. This was where she gained inspiration to help professionals and entrepreneurs see an understanding of the potential to become authorities in their field in a global setting – and the guidance and roadmap to make it happen.

Trine Nielsen strongly believes that nothing is impossible, and moving the company’s headquarter to Malaysia, a mother of 3 sons and married to Kim Veng Nielsen who work offshore in Qatar in four weeks rotation, she lives her philosophy on a daily matter. She has been involved in multiple speaking engagements in Denmark, Qatar and Malaysia as a lecturer and guest speaker. A strong advocate of networking and personal branding, she constantly emphasises its importance in all her lectures, talks and firmly believes it is one of the most powerful tools for positioning of people and organisations. Trine also co-founded Women in Business, one of the most popular professional network for women in Denmark. After spending nearly two decades in international branding industry and six years abroad, she knows what truly drives global entrepreneurship and gaining a strong market positioning by powerful branding.

Trine is a graduate of the College of Art, Craft and Design, Denmark. She currently serves as a Board of Director at the Malaysian Danish Business Council and was honoured  with the Malaysia Women Icon Award 2019.

About Business Excellence & Research Group (BERG)

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