Elisabeth Laubel

Career Management




In a career spanning over twenty five years, Elisabeth Laubel has worked and lived in Malaysia, China/Hong-Kong, Russia and France.

In 2009, she founded All1KL Sdn.Bhd. to change the rules of career management for expatriates and global talents.

Elisabeth holds a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Paris (France) and an MBA from Jiatong University of Shanghai (China).

She is a member of the HR Committees both of the France – Malaysia Chamber of Commerce (MFCCI) and the European Union – Malaysia Chamber of Commerce (EUMCCI).

As “Conseiller du Commerce Exterieur” (CCE) she is part of an active worldwide network of 4,000 French Executive Directors, CEOs and business owners supported by the French Ministry for Foreign Trade.

Elisabeth is LinkFacility, Regional Manager for South-East Asia and China