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Join our tribe of international business owners and make your mark in the world. We assist entrepreneurs from all over the world in the development and implementation of international and global strategies for import, import and trading.
We provide tremendous value and enhancement to your international services and capability, and can provide you with a step-by-step programme to do business internationally and achieve a successful overseas venture.

International Set Up 

For SME's, this process is designed to provide the necessary tools to establishing a business in a global setting. We will help you on the following: 

  • Concept screening and market understanding
  • Laying out the milestones for business plan and risk management
  • Best solution for global mobile business set up
  • Business registration 

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  • Ÿ Screening and assessment for new exporters 
  • Ÿ Selection of the product to export 
  • Ÿ Strategy 
  • Ÿ Identification & research of applicable trade barriers 
  • Ÿ Market entry planning / International business plan 

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  • Ÿ Screening and assessment for new importers 
  • Ÿ Import (sourcing) market selection 
  • Ÿ Sourcing strategy selection 
  • Ÿ Identification and research of applicable trade barriers 
  • Ÿ Due diligence on foreign suppliers 
  • Ÿ Trading Support 
  • Ÿ Screening and assessment for new importers 

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Cross-border transactions 

While cross-border transactions can generate new market opportunities, they often bring heightened risk and a range of challenges. Tax structuring, due diligence and regulatory compliance are critical in making these deals work over the long run. Contracting at the international level, contract management must entail a well-planned, highly strategic approach. We will help you by: 

  • Ÿ Providing independent and objective advice for major decision making 
  • Ÿ Supporting or acting on behalf of the client to negotiate the price and other conditions
  • Ÿ Planning and coordinating a due-diligence exercise 
  • Ÿ Providing global contract management services and legal counseling 

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Partners management 

In a partnership, there is a constant need to create value for each other and to communicate clearly about expectations and goals. Therefore, a structured and continuous partner management is key to a joint success. We will help you by: 

  • Ÿ Providing management support for overseas partners 
  • Ÿ Managing Progress and Implementation of the deal 
  • Ÿ Understanding and respecting cultural differences for a long-lasting contracting relationship 

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Agent and distributor services 

  • You will be granting our company the authorisation to act on behalf of your business internationally, or in a particular country or region of the world in order to carry out or further your international business goals. It is a specified and agreed upon business action. 
  • We are assigned to search internationally for suitable agents and distributors for your company. 

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Branding and market positioning 

ŸThere’s no excuse for a brand not knowing about its customers, especially when doing business cross borders. It is all about building trust by  cultural awareness and understanding. And we all know it is impossible to redo a first impression, so getting right from the start when building the brand identity inside out is probably the most important step in bringing your business abroad, besides the legal setup. During the comprehensive branding process we will define the core message for your business and build the brand values from the inside out and create a precise message, visuals and identity. We will help you to:

  • Set up an effective plan for cross-cultural graphic identity
  • Create a unique international brand identity
  • Prepare off-line and online media
  • Make a powerful international market positioning action plan

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Partner selection

If a partner strategy is chosen, it is crucial to conduct a structured selection. Finding the right partner in a foreign country can be key to success, but is also be very challenging. Many choose random partners through their network, which can lead to a mismatch between the partner’s competences and the business needs. Therefore, a careful partner search is the best way to go. We will help you by:  

  • Ÿ Setting criteria to select most suitable overseas partners 
  • Ÿ Identifying an opportunity or a party to a partnership 
  • Taking advantage of LinkFacility extensive global network to select the most suitable companies
  • Ÿ Providing due diligence support in overseas partnering 

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