Regional Managers

Our internationally diverse, dynamic, committed and entrepreneurial team of Regional Managers operate worldwide providing support, counselling, training, career and business solutions. They facilitate the best worldwide portable career and business program for expat spouses supporting them in setting up a global flexible and portable business or career with the purpose of a successful expatriation!

Together we provide the world´s first expat mobile dual career solution developed and operated by expats and and strive to consistently develop improved sustainable solutions for expat dual career opportunities in the global market

East Africa Nima Hassan Ali, J.D. , LL.L

East Africa

Nima is the legal affairs expert and also Co-Founder of LinkFacility. Her decade long experience as a banker for the Credit Agricole in Djibouti, East Africa, helped her accrue invaluable insights about the challenges in emerging economies related to business set-up, commercial and jurisdictional risks. Having lived, studied and worked in 6 countries across 4 continents, she blends her solid financial background with legal insights to tailor make solutions for job-seekers and entrepreneurs from an international standpoint. Nima is a double degree Honours graduate of Bachelor of Law (L.LL) and a Juris Doctor (J.D.) with a specialisation in International Law from the University of Ottawa, Canada.

Middle East Beata Leszczynska, ICF ACC

Middle East

You'll find Beata's profile here soon!

Scandinavia Karin Ellis


An expert in intercultural training, Karin brings with her a rich and diverse experience in large Norwegian companies the field of change management. She has extensive knowledge in leadership, relationship management, global sourcing, product management, IT sourcing and consular work. ​With her passion for learning about new cultures and having lived in England, Belgium, India, Ukraine, Germany, Tanzania, France and Malaysia; Karin started her firm Ellis Culture in 2011 venturing full time into developing and conducting intercultural training. She has also authored two books ‘Working with Norwegian’ and ‘Applying for jobs in Norway’ to help expats navigate their way into the Norwegian job market.

South East Asia and China Elisabeth Laubel

South East Asia and China

In a career spanning over twenty five years, Elisabeth Laubel has worked and lived in Malaysia, China/Hong-Kong, Russia and France. In 2009, she founded All1KL Sdn.Bhd. to change the rules of career management for expatriates and global talents. Elisabeth holds a Master Degree in Economics from the University of Paris (France) and an MBA from Jiatong University of Shanghai (China). She is a member of the HR Committees both of the France – Malaysia Chamber of Commerce (MFCCI) and the European Union – Malaysia Chamber of Commerce (EUMCCI). As “Conseiller du Commerce Exterieur” (CCE) she is part of an active worldwide network of 4,000 French Executive Directors, CEOs and business owners supported by the French Ministry for Foreign Trade.

Spain Lillian Kristina Jacobsen


Lillian is an alumnus of University of Aarhus, Denmark in communications, culture and gender studies; and as the Regional Manager of Spain, she brings a wealth of experience in coaching. Her expertise lies predominantly in the field of career development coaching, which entails guiding and assisting people into new careers or developing their existing professions. Having worked extensively in California and Denmark with some of the best consultancy agencies, Lillian currently divides her time between Denmark (both sides of German/ Danish border) and Spain with her career assignments and professional networking. She believes working across different geographies enables her to expand her international network and have a deep understanding of the cultural diversity.

United Kingdom Michael Byrne

United Kingdom

An expert in talent development, Michael brings an abundance of experience in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Asia. A very motivated and committed leader, he has strategic talent management expertise along with excellent communication, decision-making and team building skills. Michael is highly enthusiastic in managing teams to deliver optimum performance. He believes that the only sustainable competitive advantage any organisation has is its people, their commitment and intellectual capital. How we engage, develop and create an environment of trust and respect where people are able to contribute their unique gifts is critical to any organisation’s success.