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LinkLounge is the place for professionals and talents all over the world to meet and share knowledge for mutual inspiration regarding working or doing business abroad. We believe meeting like-minded in a relaxed atmosphere that takes the awkwardness out of the situation is the best growth foundation for making new connections and building long lasting relations! Membership is free and we encourage members to invite and introduce professional relations to your fellow networking members. If you would like to launch a LinkLounge in your area let us know: 

LinkLounge networking is for you if:

  • you do business or work abroad - or if you plan to!
  • you would like to meet and connect to international professional individuals and businesses 
  • you look for opportunities and inspiration working or doing business cross borders
  • you want to start a business or career in a global setting
  • you want to meet and get inspired and motivated by likeminded
  • you want to join a tribe of international professionals

LinkLounge etiquette:

  • Generously share your insight and not your sales material. 
  • Introduce new members to those your know at the event. Never leave anyone new standing alone.
  • Invite guests, not for your own company but for introducing them to other members
  • Appreciate your LinkLounge Facilitator's work and offer your assistance. He or she is volunteering and only has good intentions. 
  • Guest speakers are welcome to share insights, motivate and inspire. No sales pitch!

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