Let the Expat Spouse move from the backseat and become a co-driver!

It’s a fact that the spouse or partner’s fear of losing their professional identity still remains the number one reason for assignment refusals and more than 45% of early terminated assignment contracts. When assignments are accepted, unhappy expat spouses or partners are one of the main reasons why working expats eventually decide to return to their home country – and at the heart of these problems lies the fact that despite being highly qualified and experienced, there’s a deep dissatisfaction among expat spouses or partners to be unable to contribute an income to the family and in losing their professional identity.

After years of surveys, research and general talk, majority of focus is still on the expat’s role, and not enough on how their spouses or partners will cope. Language training, career coaching and cultural immersion courses are very helpful, but all that does not necessarily translate to a career at hand. Unfortunately, in many cases, after the career coaching, cross cultural and language trainings are completed, the company’s support for the spouse or partner ends.

For more than 25 years expat employers have been offering support to the expat accompanying partner, but now it’s time to provide a regular solution that not only focuses on coaching, but more on the solution.

Let the Expat Spouse move from the backseat and become a co-driver!

Expat partners get tired of being treated as the backseat passenger, when they are actually the ultimate ‘co-pilot’ in the success of the working expat journey, the one who willingly put his or her career on hold or throw it under the bus altogether in order to support the working expats’ ambitions.

An expat couple remains of two highly educated talents. It is on time expat partners career woes to be recognised and be shown the gateway to solutions available. Bringing a career or a business in a suitcase is not only possible, it is the perfect solution for a traveling spouse for continuity of his or her professional identity.

Best return of investment is a working spouse!

At Link​Facility, we advocate for equal career opportunities for expat couples. We recognise the importance of your contribution and see you as an ally in successful and happy expatriation. While fully encouraging you to embrace and indulge in the excitements of a new life abroad, we understand that your career as an expat spouse or partner is just as important to you. We offer real solutions and reliable support while journeying with you every step of the way until you achieve your career goals.

Committed to our global expat communities and striving to consistently develop improved sustainable solutions for dual-career on the global market, our internationally diverse team operates worldwide providing support, counselling, lecturing, career and business solutions and other services in more than 40 countries.

We customise the best worldwide portable career and business solutions for expat spouses and partners like you and we believe that supporting international entrepreneurs and global talents in setting up a portable career or global mobility business solution leads to sustainable success for everyone, everywhere. We work with you to grow together and empower you to stand on your own two feet no matter where you relocate and create long-term value for the expat community.

Claim your right to a successful career abroad!

Careers are shaped by so much more than employment experience – which is great news for those of you that face difficulties in finding employment. Establishing a portable business or freelance career is the best answer for expat spouses or partners who are in a new country where jobs in their field are not available or employment is not an option.

It is crucial for you to understand that building or continuing your career abroad does take time and is hard to achieve on your own, so anticipating potential challenges, getting the right assistance from the get-go and understanding the available solutions before you and your family board the plane is the best favour you can do for yourself to achieve your career goals.

Maximise your global professional potential with LinkFacilityʼs global career expertise. If you are ready to make a career comeback, aiming to penetrate new global markets or considering setting up a business entity, please contact us or read more about our Global Mobility Services to see how we can help you jump-start your career while you focus on building your professional future.