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LinkFacility services are designed to include a number of relocation solutions for expats in dual career relationship, which give the expat partner the opportunity to grow her or his career at all levels word wide. Our global services have been developed to provide our clients with an excellent return on investment.  We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

Part 1, Due Diligence

Pre-assignment counseling 

The transferee has received an offer of assign-ment and the spouse is bound to have questions: How the move would affect my professional and social life? How is to be an expat spouse or partner? What are the opportunities for me abroad? Ÿ  

  • During this initial counseling session, we will demystify life abroad and discuss about its pitfalls as well as its opportunities and more.
  • The ultimate goal of this session is to provide the transferee spouse with the tools for a successful assignment and describe what our Spouse Talent program can do to support during their transfer.

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Pre-arrival services

Assignment accepted, contract signed so what now? We will reach out to the accompanying spouse or partner with a focus on facilitating the transition. 

  • The relocating family will be connected to a personal consultant from our team of experts.
  • The family will by personal consulting have access to a comprehensive source of information about the new location. In addition to general topics such as education, housing, social life and lifestyle, the consultant will also provide insights on professional and business opportunities in the host country. 
  • The LinkFacility networking community offers the opportunity to network with our other transferees, share experiences, ask questions and more. Country specific facilitator would moderate the conversations and answers all queries. 
  • Our business clients can assess the transferee family progress and ask for feedback on transition and settling in process.

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Settling in services 

Container unpacked, house set and kids to school, now it’s time for the relocating family to reflect on the process and understand this new country! Moving abroad is more than transferring furniture and changing time zone! It’s about uprooting yourself and your family, leaving familial and social net behind. 

  • Our Managing Change Experts will provide counseling sessions to the expat spouse or partner to navigate the relocation process. 
  • Cultural understanding and awareness are key component of a successful expatriation. Our in-house country professionals will by a fun and inspiring two day’s event discuss and answer questions about social Do’s and Don’ts, business and professional etiquette, interaction with local society and how to make the most of this journey to broaden participants horizon. 

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Part 2, Dual Career

Our Expat Dual Career Program combines a holistic and personalised approach with an actionable solution. After a thorough assessment of the expat spouse or partner situation, our career specialist will make recommendation based on professional and personal goal setting. 

Employment Program

Clarity and Professional Identity 

This level is for individuals who are looking to return to their career or to make a change in the direction of their career. This comprehensive program will focus on the expat partner overall skills, competences and life experiences to define a career path. 

  • Belief and self-confidence
  • Defining the Professional ‘You’? 
  • Values, Aspirations, Budget
  • Skills Screening 
  • Defining dream job and position
  • Reality check and connecting the dots

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Career transition 

This level is for individuals looking to continue their career in their new location. Ideally suited to those individuals who do not require as much intervention in terms of career direction 

  • Navigation of work visa process 
  • Development of their resume for the location 
  • Personal marketing plan and market research
  • Interviewing and negotiation techniques

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Global Freelancer solution 

This level is for individuals who are taking their career to the global stage or are looking to create a portable solution trough self-employment. The focus would be on growing global influence skills and competencies, on building a global network and a strengths-driven portable career to achieve an expert status. 

  • ŸPersonal branding and international market positioning 
  • ŸCultural awareness and cross-cultural communication 
  • ŸSocial media usage 
  • Speaking and storytelling techniques
  • Employment solutions
  • Tax counseling
  • International marketing action plan

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Entrepreneurship Program

From idea to startup 

For the Expat Partner who want to start his or her own business, this program is designed to provide the necessary tools to become entrepreneur while living abroad. 

  • Concept screening and market understanding
  • Laying out the milestones for business plan and risk management 
  • Best solution for global mobile business set up

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Building foundation for growth

ŸThis module is a practical, concise course on how to use cash flow forecasting in the business to build a strong foundation for growth. The entrepreneur will learn to simplify and demystify business numbers so they can build their own specific business cash flow plan, using simple, easy to use templates. 

  • Set and manage effective budget and cash flow 
  • Measure the few but critical numbers for the business
  • Define the immediate necessary actions 
  • Understand the basics of financial management
  • Create a business that runs international, efficiently and profitably

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ŸLaying out the operational milestones 

Viewing the business plan as a fundraising tool is just the beginning of the story, as entrepreneur will learn how to use it for so much more. An international business plan becomes the founder’s performance goal in laying out targets in all major areas: sales, expense items, hiring positions and financing goals. 

  • Building a powerful and useful international business plan to refine and reveal the true business model
  • Explaining the service and/or product in few appealing sentences
  • Increasing international business potential 
  • Building a strong and attractive concept 
  • Defining the ideal client 

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Brand identity 

It’s impossible to redo a first impression, so getting right from the start when building the brand identity inside out is probably the most important step in business establishing, besides the legal setup. In this final step we will define the core message for the Entrepreneur’s business and build the brand values from the inside out and create a precise message, visuals and identity. In this module we will: 

  • ŸSet up an effective plan for graphic identity 
  • ŸCreate a unique brand identity 
  • ŸPrepare off-line and online media 
  • ŸBuild a strong international concept 
  • ŸMake a powerful international marketing plan 

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Extended Support Solution: 
  • ŸGrowth Support. 12 month start-up mentoring 
  • ŸEntrepreneur Hotline. 12 month counseling in international legal affairs, contractual framework, marketing and branding. 

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