Expat Dual Career

the world's first global expat Dual Career Program

Developed &
Operated by Expats

We launched LinkFacility’s Global Career and Business Services in 2016, and since then it has been an exciting and an inspiring journey supporting international talents and businesses entering new markets.
On January 2018, we developed the Expat Dual Career Program, designed to include a number of tiered packages based on our thoroughly tested business and career solutions and services, which give employers the opportunity to support the professional Expat Partner with a global, portable, flexible and sustainable career or business solution for them to bring with them where ever they move to.

Today we provide the world’s first and the most comprehensive expat mobile dual career solution which are developed and operated by expats.

  • Onboarding
  • Road Map and Time Frame
  • Training and Expert Guidance
  • Execution and Implementation
  • Follow Up & Support
  • Personal Consultant
  • Pre-assignment
  • Pre-arrival
  • Settling In
  • Repatriation
  • Social Adaptation
  • Career & Employment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online Academy and Forum
  • Directing Team of Operations
  • Regional Managers
  • On Location Specialists
  • Onboarding
  • Road Map and Time Frame
  • Training and Expert Guidance
  • Execution and Implementation
  • Follow Up & Support

A flexible template for customisation and progress

The Expat Dual Career Program is a flexible template with only a few but crucial cornerstones. Our program candidates come from different personal, social, cultural and professional backgrounds and the program must be adaptable to individual needs.
Therefore, each program is carefully designed by a combination of our thoroughly tested adaptation, business and career solutions and services, in collaboration between the program candidate and his or her personal consultant.
The program is only carried out with final approval by the Directing Team of Operations (DTO).


The process for onboarding the program depends on whether the Candidate will be enrolled pre-assignment, pre-arrival or after already in host country. The following sample of the process is based on an “already in host country” situation:


  1. We provide the employer with a start-up kit including “welcome to the program” brochure, an NDA signed by LinkFacility Directing Team of Operations (DTO) and a questionnaire, all to be emailed to the program candidate.
  2. The candidate fills out the questionnaire and returns it to the employer.  DTO will then receive the questionnaire and all case-relevant information from the employer. The questionnaire is customised for the individual employer by aligning it with their policies and regulations. The data will be shared internally with the assigned consultants for each case and stored on a secured IT platform. We call it “The Logbook“.


  1. The candidate will by email be invited for his or her first meeting with the consultant and receive login information to access the Online Community, eMeeting Room and Online Academy.
  2. At the meeting, the candidate will be introduced to the program by his or her personal consultant (find more info about consultants in “The Team” section), who will then explain the steps of the program and answer any queries. This meeting is to clarify and align expectations and aspirations for the candidate, employer and consultant, and to also understand the state and needs of the candidate from a personal, career and social perspective. This include any positives, barriers, motivation and consequences.
  3. During the meeting, the candidate and consultant will align and sign an agreement for commitment and engagement, as well as agree on the candidate’s desired  time spend on the program on a weekly basis, and the most suitable communication channels for the location of the candidate.
  4. The consultant adds all relevant information and agreement to The Logbook after the meeting for DTO to screen and approve the report and to follow up with the consultant on any critical points.


  1. At the second meeting, the consultant and candidate will go through the most important information from the first meeting to define the personal and professional goal(s), barriers, needs and methods to succeed. Based on the estimated time that the candidate has committed to weekly, a realistic time frame will be set for the program.
    At this point it will be clear what program the candidate will be enrolled in: The Social Adaptation Program, The Employment Program or The Entrepreneurship Program.


  2. After the meeting, the consultant updates The Logbook with the suggested road map of the program, to discuss the structure with the DTO and decide if any specialist consulting is needed. If it’s decided that the candidate needs assistance in a specific area to succeed, the DTO will enlist an On-Location Specialist (OLS) to deliver the assigned service(s).

As all processes are adapted to the individual candidate’s expectations, needs and goals, so all programs will be unique.
We call it a “LEGO model” as the programs are made up of a wide range of carefully tailored services, products and experts (find more info under “The Services” and “The Team” section). The composition of these elements constitutes a uniquely customised program developed in collaboration between the candidate and his or her personal consultant.

Depending on the candidate’s needs and objectives, the program often is completed with implementation of solutions, whether it is enrolment in job agencies, join networking or social groups, setting up a company or website, or something else entirely.

The candidate has life-time access to the online Academy and Forum for like-minded Expat Partners, and The DTO will follow up by email on a regular basis up to one year after completion of the program to keep track of upsides and avoid downfalls. It may happen that candidates want to join the LinkFacility Team as Course Instructors, Regional Managers or On-Location Specialists.

  • Personal Consultant
  • Pre-assignment
  • Pre-arrival
  • Settling In
  • Repatriation
  • Social Adaptation
  • Career & Employment
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Online Academy and Forum

Building bricks to combine and adapt to each program

Our proven excellent and thoroughly tested services and solutions are developed in-house by LinkFacility in collaboration with experts in industry and carried out by our professional consultants and trusted business partners.


The most important of all our services is the contact between the candidate and his or her personal consultant, and the synergy and trust are of the utmost importance to achieve the optimal terms of collaboration.

As all meetings are conducted online, we have a special program for our personal consultants which makes it possible to establish an intimate and personal approach in these meetings to establish a close relationship with the candidate.

The personal consultant is the project manager and is also the primary contact person for the candidate throughout the program. The consultant regularly monitors the progress of the candidate and regularly meets with other dedicated experts to update the logbook so that the schedule is adhered to and the goals achieved.

The Pre-assignment Service is highly relevant in order to practice due-diligence and avoid a potential costly early terminated contract. By advising the job candidate’s partner on the opportunities for transforming his or her career or business to an international portable or remote solution, continue working remotely or finally make time for the long desired post-graduate study.

ŸDuring this initial counselling session, we will demystify life abroad and discuss about its pitfalls as well as its opportunities and more. The ultimate aim of this session is to provide the transferee spouse with the tools for a successful assignment and describe what the Expat Dual Career Program can do to support during their transfer.

Assignment accepted, contract signed so what now? For the Pre-Arrival Services, we will reach out to the Expat Partner with a focus on facilitating the transition.

The relocating family will be contacted by a personal consultant expert in the host country and culture, and the family will have access to a comprehensive source of information about the new location.

In addition to general topics such as education, housing, social life and lifestyle, the consultant will also provide insights on professional and business opportunities in the host country.Ÿ

The LinkFacility online community offers the opportunity to network with other Expat Partners with a focus on international entrepreneurship and career for sharing experiences, asking questions, online courses and more.

Container unpacked, house set and kids to school, now it’s time for the relocating family to reflect on the process and understand this new country! Moving abroad is more than transferring furniture and changing time zone! It’s about uprooting yourself and your family, leaving familial and social net behind.

Our Managing Change Experts will provide counselling sessions to the expat spouse or partner to navigate the adaptation process, with focus on personal and professional social adaptation.

Cultural understanding and awareness are key components of any successful expatriation. Our in-house country professionals will by fun and inspiring sessions, discuss and answer questions about social Do’s and Don’ts, business and professional etiquettes, interaction with local society and how to make the most of this journey to broaden the program candidates horizon.

Repatriation is a social, physical and emotional re-adjustment that is often more difficult than the initial adjustment to living abroad. The experience of living abroad changes who you are. Repatriation forces you to adapt your new identity to the one you left behind.

Most Expats, Expat Partners (and Employers) expect the culture shock that comes with moving abroad. However, reverse culture shock and disconnection, which can follow expat repatriation, may come as a surprise.

The due-diligent and appropriate time to consult our Repatriation Counsellors is before repatriating, before feeling stuck in creating a new life in home country.

Some of our focus points:


  • Arrange an interview with the Expatriate & spouse to review their view of the assignment & address any repatriation issues.
  • Establish support to facilitate family reintegration socially, professionally and emotionally.
  • Counselling or workshops to ease the adjustment.
  • Assist the spouse with job counselling, resume writing & interviewing techniques.
  • Educational counselling for the children.
  • Identify new knowledge, insights & skills to showcase new competencies.

Not all expat partners are career or business minded, and even for those who are, social life can be difficult to establish and guidance is needed to adapt to the new country and culture.

The Social Adaptation Services is with a special focus on social integration support, as lacking access to a professional network is particularly challenging to settle abroad. This consulting includes a variety of services, courses and solutions to choose from, that varies from cultural understanding, to establishing a supportive local network, adapting life as an expat partner, or something entirely different.


Especially international placements in remote locations can place heightened pressure on the ability of relocating spouses to adapt and thrive – both personally and professionally.

Few samples of our most popular services:

  • Defining pain points, challenges and barriers for further investigation
  • List of social and cultural opportunities and action points
  • Cultural awareness course (understanding local way of life and Do’s & Dont’s)
  • Managing The Change counselling
  • Family and work -life balance
  • Expat & local communities navigation
  • Online communities navigation
  • Networking techniques
  • Starting up a local social network (as a founder)
  • Volunteering opportunities
  • Career opportunities

Our Expat Partner Career & Employment Service is designed to enable Expat partners to explore the options and opportunities that a relocation has to offer. We help them to make decisions about their future careers and move with confidence to a new area.
The aim of the career counselling process is to leave the candidate feeling confident about a clear and realistic set of goals, leading ultimately to a job.

We offer one-to-one sessions with our team of Expat Career Experts, and the one-to-one sessions will be combined by a broad variety of “career building blocks” to meet the individual needs. Few samples of our most popular services:

  • Assessment of personal work values and career goals
  • Reality check and connecting the dots
  • Values, aspirations, budget
  • Exploration of potential work directions- in new contexts or within established fields of expertise
  • A full review of past skills and experience
  • Assessment of individual strengths and weaknesses
  • Strategies to overcome barriers to success
  • Looking at work/ life balance and how to achieve it
  • Strategic support with networking, job search and interviews
  • Ongoing help with CV and applications, letters of interest, etc
  • Life and career planning exercises, for use in short, medium and long term
  • Navigation of work visa process
  • Development of resume for the location
  • Personal marketing plan and market research
  • Interviewing and negotiation techniques
  • ŸPersonal branding, offline and online positioning
  • On location professional etiquette
  • Employment solutions
  • Enrolment in job agencies

The Entrepreneurship Services are our premium line of services, and also the most popular!

The global expat community produces entrepreneurs because expats are, by their very nature, entrepreneurs. Expats are risk takers. They are forced to develop and perfect exactly the skills that starting a business requires. Working across cultures and international borders introduces new solutions to age-old problems while igniting the creative parts of their brains. Their ever expanding network puts them in touch with more people in more countries which creates more opportunities. And even more important; they are top-notch professionals in starting from scratch (sometimes over and over again).

Our tribe of ExpatPreneurs are successful doing business in a global playing field by benefiting from our Global Mobility Business Solutions that makes it possible to bring their business with them where ever they move to.

We offer one-to-one sessions with our team of Global Entrepreneurship Experts and Business Partners. The one-to-one sessions will be combined by a broad variety of “business building blocks” to meet the individual needs. Few samples of
our most popular services:

Global Mobility Solution (GMS)

  • International business incorporation
  • International business bank account
  • Entrepreneurial partnering due-diligence
  • Global organisational structure

International Concept Sustainability

  • Understanding and selecting international business opportunities
  • Developing a global business plan
  • Legal feasibility analysis
  • Contractual framework
  • International taxation and financial risk





Global Market Entry

  • International business development
  • International marketing strategy
  • International brand strategy 
  • Employment solutions



International Entrepreneurship, 12 months program

  • Branding and marketing solution
  • International business solution

Concept management, 12 months program

  • Marketing, creative production
  • Marketing consulting, social media management
  • Back-office administration
  • Call service, legal affairs, branding and marketing




A rapidly growing range of online courses for Expat entrepreneurs and professionals is an indispensable complement to the Expat Dual-Career Program. The Candidate is free to choose whether he or she wants to take a course and use the time with the consultant for other purposes and also to return and refresh their knowledge after completing the program.
It also happens that Candidates return to us for instructing a course or to join our team of consultants.

Like the Academy, the Forum is a focal point for Expat entrepreneurs and professionals, but with a focus on knowledge sharing, finding and building relationships with people of professional relevance in order to create a strong network and knowledge bank that accompanies the user no matter where he or she moves to.

  • Directing Team of Operations
  • Regional Managers

Our driving force and interface

At LinkFacility, we work with some of the industry’s most dynamic and dedicated individuals. We are all passionate about what we do and each one of us is responsible for our continued success.

When you meet our people you’ll encounter an energy, enthusiasm and professionalism that’s positively infectious. Here’s a brief introduction to some of the LinkFacility people you might work with. If you would like to know more about the individual team members, then press the “Meet the team” button.

The Directing Team of Operations (DTO) is the governing body with the ultimate responsibility for all Services, Program and Academy activities.

The DTO consists of a compact team that forms the backbone for human resources engaged in all activities, which involves remuneration, support function and as an advisory body.

DTO primary responsibilities:

  • Enrolling consultants and introducing them to the program and services
  • Facilitating conferences for training, committing and connecting the global team of RMs
  • Developing and maintaining a suitable work structure and IT solution for RMs
  • Regularly following up with RMs during active programs and be available for support or counselling if needed
  • Overseeing projects to address issues and needs, and provide assistance or changes to program if necessary
  • Ensuring updated and contemporary equipment, services and solutions
  • General business affairs
  • Marketing, external communications and sales

The Regional Manager, also mentioned in “The Services” section as Personal Consultant, is the interface of our Expat Dual Career Program and the touch-point for the assigned Program Candidate.

The RM is assigned to all candidates who are enrolled in the program within their region and organises and project manages the individual program and assigned On-Location Specialist (OLS) services with the DTO as backbone.

Regional Manager primary responsibilities:

  • Welcoming the candidate and introducing to program
  • Aligning the candidate’s expectations and aspirations and ensuring his or her commitment
  • Organising the most suitable structure of program for each candidate and securing management approval before start-up
  • Staying in touch with the candidate on a weekly basis by e-mail, phone call, SMS or eMeetings
  • Regularly following up with OLS or other assigned experts
  • Updating the logbook so that the schedule is adhered to and the goals achieved
  • Overseeing projects to address issues and needs. and Informing DTO if assistance is needed or changes to program is necessary
Regional Manager essential requirements and qualifications:
  • Expatriate experience
  • Degree in relevant discipline*
  • Several years of experience in a relevant field or role*
  • Excellent interpersonal  skills
  • Superb verbal and written communication skills
  • Exceptional written and verbal communication skills
  • Ability to manage workflow and time
  • Knowledge of relevant data analysis and research procedures
  • Demonstrable project management abilities
  • Creative and strategic thinking skills
  • Basic IT skills and learning abilities
*Business Development, Career Management, Cultural Awareness, Project Management, Finance, Human Resources, Branding, Public Relations, Entrepreneurship, Recruitment, Personal Development, etc.

The On-Location Specialist is expected to bring either industry and local entity specific expertise and/or relationships with local decision makers that can help to provide access to solutions for program candidates. The On-Location Specialist is expected to help provide strategy and answers on how best to serve the needs of the individual, set up meetings with key decision makers, and follow up with the assigned RM to ensure that the deliverables promised have been met.

What the Candidates Say ...