LinkFacility services are designed to include a number of tiered packages, which give you the opportunity to grow your business at all levels word wide. Our global services have been developed to provide you with an excellent return on investment.  We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

International Strategy 

Viewing the business plan as a fundraising tool is just the beginning of the story, as a LinkFacility Entrepreneur you will learn how to use it for so much more. An international business plan becomes your performance goal in laying out targets in all major areas: sales, expense items, hiring positions and financing goals. We will help you by:

  • Building a powerful and useful international business plan to refine and reveal your true business potential
  • Explaining the service and/or product in few appealing sentences
  • Increasing international business potential
  • Building a strong international concept
  • Defining and selecting the right international partner 

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International Set Up 

For Entrepreneurs, this process is designed to provide the necessary tools to become entrepreneur in a global setting. We will help you on the following: 

  • Concept screening and market understanding
  • Laying out the milestones for business plan and risk management
  • Best solution for global mobile business set up
  • Business registration 

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Brand identity 

There‚Äôs no excuse for a brand not knowing about its customers. Like a good friend, a good brand is always there when you need it. And we all know it is impossible to redo a first impression, so getting right from the start when building the brand identity inside out is probably the most important step in establishing your business, besides the legal setup. During the comprehensive branding process we will define the core message for your business  and build the brand values from the inside out and create a precise message, visuals and identity. We will help you to: 

  • Set up an effective plan for graphic identity
  • Create a unique brand identity
  • Prepare off-line and online media
  • Make a powerful international market positioning plan

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