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LinkFacility services are designed to include a number of tiered packages, which give you the opportunity to grow your career at all levels word wide. Our global services have been developed to provide you with an excellent return on investment.  We look forward to the opportunity of working with you!

Career Comeback

This service is for you who live abroad and want to return to your career or to make a change in the direction of your career. We will focus on your overall skills, competences and life experiences and work closely with you to define a career path. 

  • Ÿ Belief and self-confidence 
  • Ÿ Defining the Professional ‘You’? 
  • Ÿ Values, Aspirations, Budget 
  • Ÿ Skills Screening 
  • Ÿ Defining dream job and position 
  • Ÿ Reality check and connecting the dots 

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Career transition 

If you are living abroad or about to and looking to continue your career in your new host country this service is for you! It is Ideally suited to individuals who do not require as much intervention in terms of career direction but a way to relocate “the professional you”. 

  • Navigation of work visa process 
  • Ÿ Development of their resume for the location 
  • Ÿ Interviewing and negotiation techniques 
  • Ÿ Personal Tax Consultancy 
  • Ÿ Personal Branding, Professional Positioning 
  • Ÿ Migration Services (Employer of Record) 

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Global Freelancer Solution 

This service is for you who wants to take your career to the global stage or are looking to create a portable solution trough self-employment. The focus would be on growing global influence skills and competencies, on building a global network and a strengths-driven portable career to achieve an expert status. 

  • Career, Ambition and Work Permit Clarity 
  • Ÿ Migration Services (Umbrella Service Solution) 
  • Ÿ Career Transition 
  • Ÿ Competitive positioning strategy 
  • Ÿ Personal Branding, Professional Positioning 
  • Ÿ Brand identity and brand style guide 
  • Ÿ Marketing strategy 
  • Ÿ Personal Tax Consultancy 

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