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This course is for Expat Partners and Spouses looking for a way to find or re-find their career abroad. The lessons are created with the aim of helping you to get a clearer overall picture of your professional situation when “living in a suitcase”. We will provide you with tips and tricks to boost “the professional international you” and through self-reflection practices, you will get the clarity whether you are ready to work in a foreign culture. We also intend to share some shortcuts to navigate the job market and teach you how to boost your professional identity so that you can take control of the impression you make during job applications and interviews.


This course will help you to:


  • Clarify your current state of mind
  • Test your (very important) intercultural communication skills
  • Understand what career options you are looking for
  • Nail down the most important gateways to working abroad
  • Take control of your professional identity
  • Apply for jobs abroad as a foreign talent
  • Action steps to kickstart your new career abroad whether you want to:
    • work for a local company
    • work remotely for a foreign company
    • start working as your own boss as self-employed
    • open an international business

​To our male students

Since ​roughly 80% of Expat Partners or Spouses are made up of women, the ​course content will ​often illustrate female examples in both texts and images.

We apologise ​to all male students in advance with the guarantee that we know you are out there, and we welcome you to the course on equal terms.